English.YR8.Term Pack.The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas by John Boyne.OneNote

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Grade Level:  8 (due to Holocaust themes)
Duration:  1 term / 10 weeks / Approx. 5 x 40 minute lessons per week
# of Pages:  8
Format:  Word Format.
Editable.  YES

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Novel studies are the ideal way to introduce students to the concept of creating another “world" in their mind. As a reader, they can experience this new world and thereby study and learn from the characters; their weaknesses and strengths, particularly in relation to their words and actions (or lack thereof). As this is a novel study, aspects such as plot, style, themes and characters will be analysed, while developing in students the ability to relate to situations they would not otherwise contemplate. Also considered is the perspective from which the story is told and the manner in which the author invites the reader to sympathise with some characters and dislike others.           

Note: In this instance, it would be beneficial to the students to cover some of the key aspects of the time frame in which this story is set prior to them commencing reading. 

General Capabilities:

Literacy | Intercultural understanding | Personal and social capability | Critical and creative thinking | Ethical behaviour

Cross Curriculum Priorities: Sustainability

Sequence of Learning Activities:

Introducing the novel – the background

·     Complete an orientation lesson based on WWII, Nazi Germany, Hitler and the Holocaust. Following this, provide students with a research task where they can learn more about this time for themselves. (See lesson plan for more info)

·     Pre reading predictions based on the cover and the blurb

Reading and studying the novel

·     Read the novel and answer specific questions to analyse details of the author’s work, the characters, the setting, the themes etc

Analyse the novel

·       Revise essay writing then complete individual writing tasks.

Film study (optional)

Watch the film, note taking on similarities/differences, analyse storyline/characters/setting etc


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